Autographed 1/2 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Uhura


Autographed 1/2 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Uhura


The box is autographed and sent to you in original packaging. 

From the Royal Canadian Mint: 

"Hailing frequencies open…."
– Communications Officer Uhura

Used for sensor scanning as well as data recording and analysis, the futuristic tricorder is frequently used by the crew of the Enterprise, including Communications Officer Nyota Uhura (portrayed by Nichelle Nichols).

On-screen, Uhura is focused and highly efficient at her post; off-screen, her strong presence on the bridge of the Enterprise has made her an inspiration to millions of viewers and fans. Often donning a wireless headpiece that is commonplace today, Uhura is typically seen working the ship's communications systems to receive and transmit messages to vessels, facilities or even Starfleet Command. On more than one occasion, Kirk and Spock have relied on her knowledge and skills to navigate the ship (The Naked Time), staff the science station (The Galileo Seven) or even rewire the ship's systems (Who Mourns for Adonais?)—whatever is necessary in a time of crisis! Off-duty, her warm personality makes her a favourite among the ship's crew, who often delight in hearing her sing (Charlie X).

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek—a television series that is beloved by generations of Canadians, and whose vision of the future helped inspire innovation in our time! Order today before they're all gone!

Special Features:

  • THIRD of four coins featuring some of the most beloved Star Trek characters, paired with unforgettable Trek technology that has inspired real-life innovation.
  • 99.99% PURE SILVER! Contrasting finishes enhance the intricate engraving, while vibrant selective colour captures the likeness of Communications Officer Uhura in 99.99% pure silver.
  • STUNNING CUSTOM BOX! Your coin is encapsulated and enclosed in a stunning custom box! Durable yet lightweight, the colourful packaging boasts a contemporary design and features an illustrated portrait of Communications Officer Uhura alongside the Star Trek 50th anniversary logo.
  • A one-of-a-kind addition to any collection and an unforgettable gift that will be treasured and valued by the Star Trek fan in your life!
  • An official licensed product approved by CBS Studios.
  • Your coin is GST/HST exempt!



Your coin features selective colour and detailed engraving in the side-by-side depiction of a belovedStar Trek character, and the innovative Trek technology that is often associated with her. On the left side is a portrait of Communications Officer Nyota Uhura (portrayed by actress Nichelle Nichols) in a red uniform as she holds the scientific device designed for data sensing and analysis: the tricorder. A larger engraved rendering of a tricorder is to the right and offers a closer glimpse of the screen on its rotating hood, its control buttons and compartments, and the shoulder strap that allows it to be carried during away missions. Both Uhura and the tricorder casually overlap the outline of Starfleet's Delta Shield Insignia engraved in the background.

Did you know…

  • Portrayed by Nichelle Nichols, the character of Communications Officer Uhura appeared in a total of 66 episodes.
  • Uhura's first name was never actually revealed in The Original Series, and would only be officially confirmed four decades later.
  • In the 1968 episode Is There in Truth No Beauty?, Spock explains that Uhura's name means "freedom"—"Uhuru" means "freedom" in Swahili.
  • Alien mind control aside, the kiss between Uhura and Kirk made television history as the first scripted interracial kiss. The scene was shot both with a kiss and without one, and the network ultimately opted to keep the kiss in the episode.
  • The character of Uhura has been hailed as an inspiration in her time by several prominent names in the entertainment industry, and earned Nichols praise from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Nichols was later employed to help recruit women and visible minorities for the space program; she and her character have been credited with inspiring many to join the aerospace industry!



Durable yet lightweight, the colourful packaging boasts a contemporary design and features an illustrated portrait of Communications Officer Uhura alongside the Star Trek 50th anniversary logo.

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